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I'm an architect turned open web developer and product manager, which isn't as odd as it sounds. I've coded since middle school but intentionally avoided it as a career until I saw it as a means of solving problems I cared about: open source. My architect-brain puts users first, I'm always thinking about how people understand the environment and systems they're in. All together I'm well suited as a product manager on a technical product and I love working to make open source more sustainable and to build an accessible web for all.


But also

I am more than my work! In the midst of the pandemic in 2020 I moved myself to London after discovering I'm technically British and the UK gave me a passport. Here I indulge in long city walks, long canal walks and long village walks. Sitting on a train is my happy place. I've got a camera with me most of the time, drink lots of tea and am perfecting my roasties.

Jessica Lord, she/her, Staff Product Manager at GitHub which is technically at Microsoft, in London.