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AutumnSmith, Ali03/01/2023Fiction 3/5
The Murder of Roger AckroydChristie, Agatha13/01/2023Fiction Mystery5/5
All Our YesterdaysGinzberg, Natalia18/02/2023Fiction 5/5
HeartburnEphron, Nora24/03/2023Fiction 3/5
Peril at End HouseChristie, Agatha26/03/2023Fiction Mystery4/5
Excellent WomenPym, Barbara30/03/2023Fiction 1/5
RecoveryFrancis, Gavin21/03/2023Non Fiction Health5/5
A Life of My OwnTomalin, Claire05/04/2023Non Fiction Memoir5/5
The Little VirtuesGinzberg, Natalia11/04/2023Non Fiction Memoir5/5
Arrangements in Blue Key, Amy24/04/2023Non Fiction Memoir5/5
Crying in H MartZauner, Michelle29/04/2023Non Fiction Memoir5/5
The YearsErnaux, Annie21/05/2023Non Fiction Memoir4/5
OutlineCusk, Rachel23/05/2023Fiction 5/5
The Trouble with HappinessDitlevsen, Tove03/06/2023Fiction Short Stories4/5
FosterKeegan, Claire25/07/2023Fiction Short Stories4/5
A Life of One's OwnBiggs, Joanna01/08/2023Non Fiction Memoir4/5
TransitCusk, Rachel06/08/2023Fiction 5/5
Small Things Like TheseKeegan, Claire07/08/2023Fiction Novella4/5
SagittariusGinzberg, Natalia13/08/2023Fiction 5/5
The GuestCline, Emma14/08/2023Fiction 4/5
KudosCusk, Rachel04/09/2023Fiction 4/5
Joan DidionMelville House (Editor)06/09/2023Non Fiction Memoir4/5
CommonwealthPrachett, Ann22/09/2023Fiction 3/5
Aug 9 - FogScanlan, Kathryn23/09/2023Fiction 3/5
When We Cease to Understand the WorldLabatut, Benjamín07/10/2023Fiction 5/5